Welcome to the Ontario Umpires Association 2021

Umpires: Baseball, Fastpitch, Slowpitch, Modified, Orthodox

We are especially keen on recruiting UMPIRES for the 2021 Ball Season.
... new, used and abused!

COVID-19 Precautions in place.

Assignments, Training, Top Pay!

Please contact: Jim Cottrell at 905-791-0280
from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Ontario Umpires Association hires and assigns Certified Amateur umpires to leagues in Southern Ontario and the GTA. We also are always looking for experienced and new umpires to join us.

Leagues have set schedules, made up teams, equipped the players, and arrived at the ballpark. All that is left is the third team, The Umpires.

Ontario Umpires Association supplies umpires and umpire crews to make sure that your ball game is run under the league's rules, leaving lots of room for fun and healthy competition.

  • Our umpires are trained, carded, and insured.
    (Do NOT hire umpires who are not covered by insurance - you can be vulnerable! Lawsuits are expensive!)
  • Our umpires are covered by Supplementary, Medical, and Litigation insurance.
  • We arrive at your game prepared and on time.
  • Umpires appear in proper uniforms.
  • Attention and priority are given to “Local House Rules” where necessary.
  • Single or multi-official crews are available.

Our Umps cover the Greater Toronto Area, from Mites to Seniors. University, College, High school athletics programs, Recreational leagues, and Competitive "Rep" leagues are handled by our veterans, while newer umpires, that have shown a willingness to facilitate amateur sports, are trained by our instructors.